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Dynamically add and remove slides

Side note: If you wish to change all slides at once please check this article.

First of initialize slider as usual with starting slides and save it's object.

var sliderInstance = $('.royalSlider').royalSlider({
optionname: 'optionvalue'

Adding slide

There is appendSlide public method, it accepts two parameters - html slide object, and optional index where slide should be added. If you don't pass index, slide will be added to the end.

// Adding simple slide after 3rd image:
sliderInstance.appendSlide('<a class="rsSlide" href="image.jpg"></a>', 3);

// Adding slide to the end:
sliderInstance.appendSlide('<div>Some another slide content...</div>');

Removing slide

There is removeSlide public method. It accepts one parameter - index of slide that should be removed.

// remove 5th slide:

Alternative syntax

You may use jQuery-like syntax to add or remove slides, but it's a little slower.

$('.royalSlider').royalSlider('appendSlide', '<a class="rsSlide" href="image.jpg"></a>', 3);

Known issues

It's recommended to disable loop option if you will be adding and removing slides. It will work correctly, but may cause "flickering", especially on mobile devices.